• On the Other Side of PitchWars ’17

    My last post was October 1st, 2017. In summary, I discussed being at the midway point of PitchWars and what my process was like: massive worldbuilding, total plot upheaval, fully reworked character arcs, and three to four massive revisions. During the contest, I worked harder than I ever have on my craft, learned more than I did in the three years building up to PitchWars, and came out with a fantastic mentor (shout out to Lyndsay Ely), a new book, and a community. And twenty extra pounds. **10 lbs are gone now** I wanted to get back to blogging, but I was terrified of the massive time gap between new…

  • #PimpMyBio for #PitchWars

    Hey there! It’s hard to believe the time has come to start hardcore prep for #PitchWars. Are you ready for the hype? The intrigue? The chocolate? Mmmmmm. The chocolate…. *Ahem* Onto #PimpMyBio! Can I get a drum roll please? FACTS ABOUT ME I live in the NC mountains, so hiking has infused itself into my blood. You can check out my adventures through Instagram in the side bar. I teach middle school, but a career change might be nice. I have a slight addiction to television. I swear that didn’t start until two years ago, but now I can’t stop myself from binging all the things on Netflix. (Sherlock, Supernatural,…


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