One Day

One day…

I will be able to keep up this blog with exciting and intuitive content.

One day…

I will find a beautiful balance between website and fiction writing.

One day…

*clears throat* Ahem, sorry about that… I just… Back to the list.

One day…

I will figure out how to connect via social media and not feel like the last kid picked for dodgeball.

But today…

I’ve spent the last three months working on my craft without coming up for air.


I’ve exchanged almost all of my book with CPs.


I have written a query letter and sent it off to be critiqued.


I have forced myself to speak to several people about my writing– a thing I used to keep hidden like a secret double life.


I am a teacher during summer taking time for me: sipping coffee, cleaning my house, writing, and watching TV.

So for all the times I haven’t been here on this website… I say,

Because the hard work matters first. Writing, CPing, revising, and editing the novel comes first. Then you can work on the glitz and the glam of Twitter follows, blog subscribers, and being picked first for PE games. The words have to be there first.

So get writing!


One Comment

  • Mom

    You of all people to learn how to do it all.Love you proud of you and can not Waite to read novel . You will have it on audible

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