a YA paranormal series

Ada Grindle has spent her junior year of high school tracing her father’s last steps throughout the Appalachian Mountains. She’s hunted ghosts, tall tales, and old family secrets. But when she calls on the spirit of an ancestor for help, Ada is thrown headfirst into a family curse that has haunted the Grindles for years. Embrace death to save your family. Embrace death to save your soul. Ada has no choice but to follow her long dead ancestor’s warning and meet her fate.

But death is the easy part. Ada has to embrace her destiny as the new Grim Reaper for her town. The perks are great for hunting down a missing father and a vengeful ghost. But the responsibilities are killer. Ada only has a year to wrap up her final affairs, protect her town, ferry souls, and save her family. Maybe even pass chemistry.

As she chases down the leads in her father’s cryptic journal, a hundred year old feud is rekindled and Ada’s family stands at the heart of it. She must act quickly to save her them from being the next ghosts haunting the sleeping mountains of Woodhaven.



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