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#PitchWars Midway Point

Hello! About a month ago, I earned a spot as #PitchWars 2017 mentee. I was ready and up to the challenge as well as honored by this opportunity to learn, connect, and revise. Since then, it’s been a roller coaster of work, exhaustion, too many sweets, and wonderful new friends. For now, I wanted to…
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#PimpMyBio for #PitchWars

Hey there! It’s that time of year when #PitchWars kicks off and my social media will be given over to meeting people, picking up writing tips, and sharing some of the things that have helped me along the way. PitchWars is a writing contest held by the ever wonderful Brenda Drake and made possible by…
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One Day

One day… I will be able to keep up this blog with exciting and intuitive content. One day… I will find a beautiful balance between website and fiction writing. One day… *clears throat* Ahem, sorry about that… I just… Back to the list. One day… I will figure out how to connect via social media…
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The Other Side of 180 and 95,000

Ever since I started this writing journey, I’ve become obsessed with numbers. How many words per day? Pages? Chapters? Words per chapters? Age I should be when publishing a book? It’s an endless cycle of attempting to compare myself to the norm and feel comfortable. Sure, I should know the suggested word count of my…
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Busy vs. Productive

**Disclaimer** The woman pictured above is not me, but some amazing human who was biking her tiny, pampered dog around in a basket. This post is brought to you by severe plaque psoriasis. Seriously. If I hadn’t thought about how clear my psoriasis has gotten in the last few weeks, Stephen would’ve never said something…
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